about us

who we are

Rivers Run Red is the immersive spaces company™ We’re developing: brands, content, experiences, learning and development, applications and business tools for media, entertainment and the design industry since 2003.


We were the world’s first company to establish a working presence within a virtual world. Active in virtual worlds since 2003, we’ve been influential in creating and building the market for virtual worlds as a whole new channel of expression.

Our work is creatively led, but strategically focused: our first task is always to identify the relevance of the offer and its relationship to the emerging field of virtual connections: people, brands, experiences.

Rivers Run Red is unique in that we place an emphasis on exceptional design that maps to the original goal of a project.

Rivers Run Red is located in the United Kingdom in London and South Devon.

Our company was founded in 2003, by the visionary entrepreneur and the award winning Justin Bovington.

our vision

Thanks to the growing ubiquity of advanced Internet platforms, the web is quickly moving from a text-based, 2D catalog of information to an immersive, visual aggregator of global content and experiences with numerous channels for expression.

Virtual worlds and the real world Web are examples of technology’s natural evolution – providing us both with opportunities to get work done more efficiently and reach audiences in more creative and engaging ways. They exist and thrive in our offices, studios, schools, community, shopping malls and beyond.

At Rivers Run Red, our goal is to build experiences around your content. Our focus on relevance and design allows us to turn your content into a destination. The experience is extending beyond the desk and home, and moving into a era of ubiquitous connectivity: around you and with us.

Our Team

Our team’s roots and experience emerge from a deep background in architecture, fashion, music, film, theatre, TV, product design, advertising, branding, communications, network support and application development.

Justin Bovington

Founder and CEO of Rivers Run Red™, has been instrumental in developing some of the worlds major brand launches.

At Rivers Run Red, he pioneered the development of the Immersive Workspaces™ Platform, a complete collaboration solution for the enterprise. Recognized as one of the leading visionaries of the 3D Web, Justin is a frequent speaker and regular contributor to the media on the subject of virtual worlds.

Justin’s other highlights include developing experiential marketing and brand strategies for the following films:

The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, Chronicles of Narnia, Cars… plus a lot more.

In 2011, Justin has helped launch KinseyWhitehouse.com a new company specialising and developing commercial music and sound development for brands.